Scratch Resistant LCD Screens For Phones and Tablets

Scratch Resistant LCD Screens For Phones and Tablets

Liquid Sapphire for Scratch-Resistant LCD Screens on Phones and Tablets

LIQUID SAPPHIRE is both a premium, scratch-resistant and waterproof coating in one. Using the latest military nanotechnology, LIQUID SAPPHIRE creates an impenetrable shield that stops your phone or tablet screen from becoming scratched, scuffed or streaked.

With this breakthrough product, you can safely ditch your old plastic shield protector for good. LIQUID SAPPHIRE goes on crystal clear – so you’ll enjoy complete clarity of your screen and its original functionality and sensitivity – something you just can’t get with a plastic cover.

Our top-secret formulation requires a one-time application ONLY. It’s fast and almost effortless to do-it-yourself – and anyone can do it. Simply watch the video demo and follow along for the correct application. Do this and you’ll never again have to worry about those unsightly scratches and dings – and you’ll be protecting the value of your investment too.

LIQUID SAPPHIRE comes in a 1 ml bottle for easy use which will cover upto 3 phones. All FLASH FLOOD packages have a shelf life of 18 months once the bottle is opened.

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