Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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My phone or tablet has a plastic protector on the screen -- will this still work and make my device waterproof?

Yes it will! Flash Flood works just as well when applied to devices with plastic screen protectors as it does when applied directly to the screen. Just coat the surface thoroughly as shown in the video demo. The exact same steps apply -- there is nothing more or different to do. Don’t forget though that if you change your screen protector for a new one, you will need to recoat it again.

How long does the Flash Flood coating last to make my phone or tablet waterproof?

Flash Flood should generally make your phone waterproof for 6 to 12 months. But everyone’s usage of their phone and/or tablet varies, so this is something you’ll want to check periodically. Every month or so place a tiny drop of water on the LCD screen and tip it a little so the droplet moves slightly. If the water starts streaking -- then it’s time for a fresh new coat of Flash Flood. Just repeat the simple coating process. If you do have an accident, then you’ll need to apply the coating again for a fully-protected, waterproof device.

How long does the solution take to dry?

Typically, Flash Flood dries in about 6 hours – that’s why we recommend applying the solution before going to bed and allowing it to dry overnight. But even after 6 hours, there is usually a little wet residue still on the device. This is normal with the Flash Flood waterproof coating system – so don’t be alarmed. Just buff off any remaining residue with a microfibre cloth until the device is completely dry. That’s all there is to it and you’ll have a fully-protected, waterproof phone or tablet.

Is the coating the same process for each phone or tablet?

Yes, the process is exactly the same for all smart phones and tablets. In the demo video, our technician used the Samsung S3. But Flash Flood works exactly the same way for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, PLUS all Android phones, including the Samsung s3 and s4. The Flash Flood waterproofing system also works on tablets -- including all iPad models, as well as all Android tablets. Simply follow the same process as demonstrated in the video and enjoy the security and peace of mind protection that only Flash Flood provides.

What kind of protection does Flash Flood provide to my phone and/or tablet?

Flash Flood provides a powerful barrier – which protects the delicate electronics inside, as well as the sensitive touch screen on your device. What this strong, yet invisible barrier guards against is most everyday liquids and damaging moisture. Fluids that Flash Flood protects against include: water, soda, alcohol, tea, coffee, oils -- and many more. Moisture can be just as damaging to your device – and that’s something many people don’t realize. Damaging moisture can come from bathrooms and shower areas, being outside in damp weather, or even from a wet handbag or pocket. Why risk permanently damaging your expensive phone or tablet when there’s Flash Flood – a breakthrough, low-cost way to protect your investment.

I live an active lifestyle and participate frequently in various sports. Will my phone and/or tablet be protected?

Our specially-formulated solution will not make your phone or tablet any more rugged or durable in a physical sense. What Flash Flood does is provide a protective barrier against liquids and moisture. So in some sports and recreational activities – it will be very useful. For any outdoor activities like cycling, running, or walking – protecting your phone from moisture in the air, bad weather and puddles along the way makes good sense. A hard plastic case might help if you drop it – but it won’t make your phone waterproof.

Any sport that involves locker rooms (beverages) and shower areas (moisture) would be a good fit for a waterproof device. Flash Flood is not intended for underwater use and therefore, cannot be used for things like scuba diving, where the device would be submerged for significant periods of time. But for day-to-day liquid hazards and moisture damage – Flash Flood is there to save the day -- giving you the same powerful protection the military has for all of its telecom devices.

Is Flash Flood toxic?

No -- Flash Flood is completely non-toxic. It can be used safely inside the home, without concern. It is a good idea however, to use rubber or surgical gloves when applying Flash Flood. For some people, the liquid solution can be an irritant on the skin when exposed in large volumes.

Can I use Flash Flood on a dumb phone?

No -- Flash Flood should only be used on smart phones, tablets and other devices as indicated such as IPods and other MP3 players and PSP’s. Flash Flood should never be used for dumb phones (any regular cell phone) as there are too many holes in the keypads and other areas for you to safely cover and effectively seal. Use only on as directed and on suitable products.

Can Flash Flood ONLY be applied to brand new devices?

No -- Flash Flood can be applied to new any smart phone or tablet – new or used. Just make sure your used phone is in good working condition and thoroughly cleaned before applying. Flash Flood cannot reverse any damage caused by liquids or moisture that was incurred before the application of our liquid solution. To maximize your protection – and the value you get from your device – it’s best to apply Flash Flood as early as you can in the life of your device.

How does this stuff really work?

Flash Flood is a breakthrough product developed in the UK that is very different from anything else. It forms a strong protective barrier on all surfaces of smart phones, tablets and their component parts – to actually repel a wide variety of liquids and moisture – the number one cause of sudden device death.  Unlike traditional barriers however, Flash Flood is strong and durable – yet it “breathes”. So there’s no misting-up or any cloudy side-effects. Every screen that’s protected by Flash Flood remains just as clear as it was the day the solution was applied.

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