All of our products evolved from the very latest military-level nanotechnology in waterproofing sensitive electronic equipment. It’s innovate, cutting-edge British technology developed by the military and applied directly to consumer electronics like smart phones, tablets, MP3 players – and other devices.

Nanotechnology deals with microscopic objects that are 40,000 times smaller than the width of the average human hair. What this led to is an incredibly strong, moisture-resistant shield capable of safeguarding all your valuable electronic devices.

How It Works

Our FLASH FLOOD solution is unlike any other “waterproof” barrier in that it safely seals and protects – but it’s still able to “breathe”. The result is a durable coating and powerful protection that goes on and stays crystal clear.

There’s never any misting-over or fogging-up of your screen. Liquids and moisture simply bead-up and roll-off the exterior surface – instead of getting inside and causing irreparable damage.

Your treated device looks and functions exactly the same as it did before the coating.

But the difference is that now your phone or tablet has an impenetrable shield (provided by the coating) to protect your delicate devices from dangerous spills like water, soda, coffee, tea – and more. It also defends against something equally problematic but often undetected – moisture in the air.

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