Flash Flood To Waterproof mp3 Players

Flash Flood To Waterproof mp3 Players

FLASH FLOOD for Waterproofing MP3 Players

Next to mobile phones, MP3 players are the most commonly damaged devices. This is likely due in part to their portability and exposure to the elements. But even a small spill can instantly destroy even the best brands of MP3 players.

Once damaged – it’s impossible to breathe new life into these delicate electronic devices – they’re worthless at that stage and gone forever. So, what can you do? Well, since there are no waterproof MP3 players on the market, the smartest move is to coat yours with our powerful and durable, moisture-resistant formula.

FLASH FLOOD AQUAL LABEL is the perfect solution for protecting any MP3 player and preventing a disaster. Why risk your device? It simply doesn’t make any sense – especially since your “insurance” against liquid and moisture damage is just a click away

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Price: £24.60


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