Flash Flood To Waterproof ipod Shuffle

Flash Flood To Waterproof ipod Shuffle

FLASH FLOOD for Waterproofing the iPod Shuffle

The IPod Shuffle is a popular MP3 player, due in large measure to its affordability – despite being an Apple product. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your investment – especially after you’ve loaded it with several hundred of your all-time favourite songs.

This alone (your private collection) boosts the value of your miniature device tremendously – as you don’t want to have to go through the process of searching, buying and uploading all your selections again.

Many choose to use their iPod Shuffles when working out, or enjoying the great outdoors in any number of ways including – walking, running, jogging, cycling, boating or fishing. But what happens when conditions change? Suddenly you find yourself in damp weather. Or, maybe your device gets a little wet from perspiration. Or, you get too close to the water while vacationing – or the shower area at the gym.

All it takes is a little moisture damage and your pocketful of great sounds is instantly wiped out – never to be recovered. But none of this will happen to you when you protect your IPod Shuffle with our FLASH FLOOD GREEN LABEL package. It ships in a 5 ml bottle for easy use.

Finally -- the huge potential problem of moisture damage is easy to remedy yourself. You can waterproof your iPod Shuffle and earphones in just minutes. Simply follow the demo video and your Shuffle will be so well-coated – you could even use it in the pool – with no adverse affects at all. You don’t need any special skills – but your IPod Shuffle will possess a new and impressive power. Get yours now.

You can completely waterproof 2 ipod shuffle with just one bottle – making FLASH FLOOD super-affordable

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