Flash Flood To Protect Your Camera and Camcorder

Flash Flood To Protect Your Camera and Camcorder

FLASH FLOOD for Waterproofing Your Camera and Camcorder

Why limit liquid and moisture protection to phones and tablets when you can use the same engineering breakthrough to protect your picture and video cameras too?

With a FLASH FLOOD RED LABEL package – you’ll have a waterproofing kit that works well for cameras and camcorders. You’ll have all the protection you need to enjoy years of hassle-free service from your quality device. 

FLASH FLOOD for CAMERAS and CAMCORDERS is ideal for the serious hobby or holiday photographer. When you vacation – you want to have fun. With FLASH FLOOD, you certainly won’t have anything to worry about. You can safely shoot in environments where humidity, water and other hazards are a serious concern for anyone with expensive equipment that’s been left unprotected.

Why risk your camera or camcorder? Play it safe and you’re good to go – without any anxiety. FLASH FLOOD RED LABEL ships in a 5 ml bottle for easy use.

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Price: £21.45


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