Flash Flood For Waterproof Headphones

Flash Flood For Waterproof Headphones

FLASH FLOOD for Waterproofing Headphones

Just like earphones or ear buds – quality headphones are highly-susceptible to irreversible damage. All it takes is a tiny drop of water getting inside for your valuable headphones to start sounding muffled. But that’s not the worst part.

What happens once moisture gets inside is this: it begins to corrode the delicate electronics and eventually – your headphones die.

But you avoid the problem altogether – with the FLASH FLOOD MAGENTA LABEL package. It’s your insurance policy – designed to protect your quality headphones and give you complete peace of mind.

Just one 5ml bottle will effectively coat 2 sets of headphones. A single application will last for a full 6 – 12 months -- depending on your usage of the device.

For most people, FLASH FLOOD guarantees a whole lot of quality sound – for a shockingly-low price. You’ll have plenty of the “magic solution” to apply a coating both internally and externally.

All FLASH FLOOD products are completely safe and non-toxic – so you can use it anywhere. It also has a shelf life of approximately 18 months from the time you first open the bottle. Ships in a 5 ml bottle for easy use.

One 5ml bottle will waterproof 3 sets of headphones making it very affordable 

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Price: £26.33


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