Flash Flood For Waterproof Earphones

Flash Flood For Waterproof Earphones

FLASH FLOOD for Waterproofing Earphones

The FLASH FLOOD YELLOW LABEL kit ensures that your quality earphones or ear buds continue to deliver quality sound for a long time. Earphones are delicate components of our favourite devices. But as separate pieces – they’re highly-susceptible to serious damage.

One of the biggest (and typically fatal) problems is an earphone getting wet by rain or perspiration. This can happen innocently enough – like on the way to work, or while in the gym. Moisture from rain or your body’s perspiration gets inside the plugs and burns out the sensitive electronic components. Not only is it annoying when that happens – but quality earphones are expensive to replace.

But you can extend the life of your earphones easily and cost-effectively with the FLASH FLOOD YELLOW LABEL package. It’s your best form of insurance against those perilous and ever–present dangers. If you want to make sure the problem never arises – opt for FLASH FLOOD and follow the steps in the demo video. Make your earphones 100%-waterproof -- even underwater. Ships in a 5 ml bottle for easy use. one bottle will waterproof 4 pairs of earbuds/earphones

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