Flash Flood For PSP Consoles

Flash Flood For PSP Consoles

FLASH FLOOD for Waterproofing PSP Consoles

If you or someone at home has a PSP – be aware that these devices are at risk too. It’s not just unprotected smart phones and tablets that can get fried in everyday environments – so too can the Play Station Portable. Once again British military nanotechnology is here to save the day – and your console.

With the FLASH FLOOD PURPLE LABEL package, you’ll have in your hands, the first PSP console waterproofing kit made for the consumer to safely apply at home. It’s far less costly, much faster and probably more effective than sending your PSP out to a repair shop.

FLASH FLOOD PURPLE LABEL comes in a 5 ml bottle – which is more than enough to fully coat the unit to protect it from spills and moisture. This provides you with the ultimate in protection -- wherever you take your gaming. In fact, one 5ml bottle will cover 3-4 PSP or gaming consoles of a similar size making it super value

A single application will last anywhere from 6 – 12 months – depending on usage. You can expect FLASH FLOOD to last on the shelf for about 18 months after first opening. All FLASH FLOOD products are Non Toxic and Non Hazardous,

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