Video 1 - Witness the Incredible Power and Leak-Proof Defense of a FLASH FLOOD Protected Phone

WARNING: Don't try this at home (at least not until you've used our ground-breaking solution)! Check out how an actual FLASH FLOOD coated Samsung Smartphone fights off not just drops of water - but water that's poured onto it consistently. If that's not enough, see what happens when this same phone is locked tight into a bag filled with steam -- for several minutes. With any untreated device - this would surely be disastrous! But real-time testing shows that a FLASH FLOOD protected phone keeps on going -- just as it did before.

Video 2 - FLASH FLOOD Creates a "Lotus Effect" Where Water Beads Rather Than Penetrates

After applying our do-it-yourself solution, your smart phone or tablet is completely resistant to water and other liquids. In similar fashion to the Lotus leaf, water dropped onto a treated device can't get in. The coated surface causes liquids to bead and only float on the surface. It's like mercury in a thermometer. When the entire device is protected the same way - an impenetrable shield is created - sealing your phone or tablet from the most common device-killing dangers.

Video 3 - How To Waterproof Your Smart Phone - Step By Step

In this video, you'll discover the simple do-it-yourself method of waterproofing your most valuable devices. The secret is to spread the solution evenly and work it into all areas, including seams, buttons, grooves and edges. A simple and straight "up and down" motion repeated several times does the trick. You can and should also coat the battery and contact points, back cover and micro SD card (if applicable) too. Follow this 3 minute video and you'll know everything you need to know to protect any smart phone or tablet.

Video 4 -- How LIQUID SAPPHIRE Guards Against Scratched Screens

Few things are as frustrating as a scratched touch screen on your brand new tablet or smart phone. Watch how well a screen treated with Liquid Sapphire defends against even the harshest, intentional scratches. You simply buff the seemingly damaged area with a microfibre cloth - and you're done. Magically, your screen is restored to its original clarity. Here's proof that Liquid Sapphire protects your screen like nothing else could - and it doesn't impair screen function like plastic covers do.

Video 5 - How To Apply "Liquid Sapphire" To Your Phone's Touch Screen

Watch how easy the whole process is - there's nothing to it. It's something that anyone can do at home. All you need is our exclusive Liquid Sapphire solution and a small microfibre cloth from any hardware or discount store. Apply a few drops to the screen, wipe evenly over the entire area 3-4 times, with long and even strokes. Let it dry for 10 minutes and buff off any residue with a soft, dry microfibre cloth. Repeat the process twice more (giving you 3 coats in total) - and you're good to go - with a scratch-proof screen.

Video 6 - How To Waterproof an IPod Shuffle and Ear Buds

You've got to check this one out! Watch as a brand new IPod Shuffle gets the FLASH FLOOD treatment. Since the Shuffle is such a small device - it's easiest to treat it right inside the small plastic box it came from. All you do is shake it in the solution for a few minutes on each side. Then, take it out and dry it off completely with a microfibre cloth. Soak and shake the ear buds the same way and dry thoroughly. Watch how FLASH FLOOD forms a strong protective barrier so that even after being submerged in water - both the IPod and ear buds work perfectly.

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